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  1. hi mr. Louis, we spoke yesterday morning on the phone. (I’m also one of your clients). conversation had to do with HANDY DART, proposed changes, etc. I have used handy dart many times and feel it is a vital service for us — there is no alternative for many people. you mentioned a rally of supporters sometime in the near future — could you please let me know about the rally, and anything else that I can do in the meantime to support this issue? thanks. and happy new year! mary-gay

  2. Jim Wong-Chu says:

    Hi Tim,

    are you having a fundraiser event on Nov 6? i was told to attend an event Nov 6 either for you or COPE but can’t find info, place or time.


  3. twyla hildebrand says:

    I want to vote for a Mayor and Council who will promise that Seismic School upgrades will have priority at City Hall if they get elected.

    Many of us Parents at L’Ecole Bilingue and other schools in the city that are due to be seismically upgraded are very upset with the current City Hall. Why are Unsafe schools not given priority in the planning department and with inspectors? All citizens should and would agree that we should not have hundreds (Thousansds?) of children sitting in very unsafe schools, as plans for their new schools languish at the bottom of the pile on plan checker desks at city hall for months. Yes I said months.

    L’Ecole Bilingue has over 500 students with very educated and active parents. We are all very upset with our current situation. We are upset with the current school board and WE Are VERy Upset with CITY HALL.

    Please make a public comment on what your action would be on this subject!

    Twyla Hildebrand
    V5v 1A7

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