Have a fabulous summer enjoying our great city!


I can’t believe it’s already August!

In just a few days, I’ll be closing my law office and taking my annual staycation with my partner, Penny. We love this time of year as it gives us the opportunity to be tourists in our own city — Vancouver. What an incredible place we live in.

Every year Penny and I do up a schedule of things to do and places to go throughout our 3- or 4-week holiday. This year we plan on revisiting many of the highlights of our last staycation.

The Museum of Anthropology is always a fascinating place. This year the main summer exhibit is Arts of Resistance, Politics and the Past in Latin America. I can’t wait to see this as Latin American politics have interested me for decades.

Throughout Latin America, broad social movements attempt — many times with success — to bring about positive social change. Cuba has accomplished so much with so little. In Bolivia my hero, Evo Morales, has done so much for his tiny and very poor nation. In Mexico, we just witnessed the election of the nation’s first-ever left of centre populist president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador of the National Regeneration Movement. Arts of resistance are definitely more important than ever for Latin Americans, given the atmosphere in the US right now.

The Southlands area in Dunbar along the Fraser River is always an opportunity to escape the city without leaving the city. Its idyllic environment convinces you that you’re in the countryside. The large lots, no developments over 2 storeys high, and lots of horseback riders make for a very peaceful and restful afternoon. We never forget to spend at least an hour at Southlands Nursery. We enjoy the atmosphere as we wander through the greenhouses, where the motto is “beauty always comes before profit.”

Our annual staycation is never complete until we’ve spent a full afternoon taking in Granville Island. The market and all its offerings are a feast for the tummy and for the eyes. Outside the market and throughout the island are entertainers of every sort, from musicians to magicians.

Granville Island provides an excellent opportunity to support the amazing people in our cultural sector, who often struggle to make a living. Another piece of good news in that regard — Arts Umbrella will be taking over the space that Emily Carr University of Art and Design used to occupy. For a great way to wrap up a long afternoon on the island, have a bite to eat outside at the Granville Island Hotel, where you can watch the boats go sailing by.

I won’t be blogging again until late August or early September. In the meantime, I wish you all a fabulous summer, and urge you to take full advantage of the incredible city we are all so fortunate to be part of.

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