Hanging by a thread


[Photo Alex Brogan CC Attribution 3.0 Unported]

Wow! What a night it was! And it ain’t over yet!

I’ve witnessed many election night roller coasters but nothing quite like last night.

I went to sleep last night dreaming of proportional representation, big money out of politics (union and business donations alike), no Kinder Morgan pipeline, no Site C dam, and no Massey bridge.

I woke up, and after hearing the latest news, I’m not quite so euphoric. When I went to bed the Liberals were at 42 seats — 2 seats shy of a majority and tied with the NDP, also at 42 seats, with the Greens holding 3. However, in the middle of the night Vancouver-False Creek flipped from NDP to Liberal, moving the Liberals from 42 seats up to 43 and the NDP down to 41.

All is not lost, however, as even with 41 seats the NDP could command a majority of the legislation assembly if John Horgan can work out an arrangement with Andrew Weaver and the Greens (41 + 3 = 44 seats, which is a majority). It gets slightly worse, however, as the riding of Courtenay-Comox is in the in NDP column but hanging by the thinnest thread — just 9 votes!

The absentee ballots in this riding have yet to be counted and will include all votes from the local military base, CFB Comox. The Liberal candidate, Jim Benninger, is a former base commander. If the absentee votes break ever so slightly in favour of Benninger, the Liberals will move up one more from 43 to 44 seats, and we will be facing another Liberal term.

Fingers crossed that last night’s dream comes true and today’s worries are exaggerated. Only time will tell.

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