Bernie Sanders: 2020

nightmareI just woke up from the worst nightmare I’ve ever had — Donald Trump won the U.S. election! But wait. It’s not a nightmare — it really did happen!

We will be debating and analyzing Tuesday’s election results for a generation to come. But for me the No. 1 takeaway is the outright opposition within status quo leftists (known as SQLers) to allow for real change. Let me explain.

In the Democratic Party establishment there was outright hostility to Bernie Sanders winning the party’s nomination. Hostility because Bernie would have brought about real and structural change. The irony is that all of the polling indicated Saunders — tapping into the same vein Trump so successfully tapped into — would have done much better than Hillary Clinton against Trump.

But the SQLers — whom I call pretend leftists or convenient leftists — were so opposed to real change that they preferred the weaker of the two candidates, Clinton, because the stronger one, Sanders, might actually bring about the sort of change longed for by so many people.

So where do we go from here?

For me the next step is not to criticize the right but rather criticize the left. Too often we progressives allow our movement to be held back by a leadership that is not just overly cautious but, in fact, is consciously attempting to thwart real change.

If we are not willing to offer fundamental change to the electorate, there can only ever be one of two outcomes — no progressive, left “change candidate” is ever elected or, worse, the right puts forward a “change candidate” who gets elected and we all end up living a nightmare.

Let’s turn this nightmare into a dream. Bernie Sanders: 2020

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  1. Anita Romaniuk says:

    It’s Sanders, not Saunders. I wish, but unfortunately he will be 78 by the time the primaries for 2020 start, 79 by the time of the election, and would be 83 by the end of his first term if elected. We’ll know closer to the time, I guess.

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