Have a super summer!


My partner Penny and I catching some sunshine in Vancouver.

I’m off now on my annual August stay-cation. So I thought I’d use this sign-off blog to talk a bit about some of the amazing attractions Vancouver has to offer, proving that you don’t need to go away to have a fabulous vacation. We are truly, incredibly fortunate to live in this city with all its wonderful attractions.

Every year my partner Penny and I take advantage of our staycation to visit the Museum of Anthropology. This experience never fails to amaze, and I always leave in awe of the richness of other cultures.

During out staycation, Penny and I also make sure to spend an entire uninterrupted day down at Granville Island. It’s hard to imagine that not that many years ago this was an industrial mess located on a large sandbar. It took someone with vision — then-MP for Vancouver Centre, Ron Basford — to realize the beautiful potential of this site. Local food, magicians, entertainers, crafts, culture, a view of False Creek — who could ask for more?

A walk around the entire Stanley Park seawall is another highlight. It’s many hours in duration if you’re a slowpoke like me, with the constantly changing panorama unfolding before you as you do the circumnavigation, plus there’s all the sea life at your feet.

One of Vancouver’s hidden secrets is Southlands, south of Marine Drive. Until I visited this neighbourhood a few years ago I had no idea that the countryside exists on such a large scale within our city. Southlands, with no buildings over two storeys (and those are barns), and an absence of sidewalks but plenty of horses, is truly idyllic. Just wandering for an afternoon with Southlands Nursery as a stop-off is a dream come true.

Believe it or not, my partner Penny and I just finished putting together our August staycation schedule, and the above are just a few of the more than 30 experiences we have planned.

Have a great summer, too. Connect with you all in the fall!

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  1. Phyllis MacIntyre says:

    MOA is one of my favorite places in BC. I was a volunteer at the “Information Desk” when I was re-entering the world of work in the late 1990s. MOA is a spiritual place; as I walk down the ramp to the great hall of totems, I feel like I am in an exquisite cathedral.

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