Check out the new DTES markets

Many of you may be aware of the street vending that used to happen along the 000-block of East Hastings Street between Columbia and Carrall streets.

For a large number of people living in the Downtown Eastside this was a desperately needed opportunity to earn income by selling things such as used clothing and dishes or secondhand books. Unfortunately, it was also an opportunity for the sale of stolen goods.

The city recently created two new sites for legitimate vendors to operate out of at 62 East Hastings and 501 Powell Street.


Mosaic on East Hastings (photo by Eternalsleeper)

At these two new sites it will be much easier for steps to be taken to prevent/eliminate the sale of stolen goods. But unfortunately these two new locations are not yet nearly as well known and so pedestrian activity is much reduced. This is hurting some of our city’s most marginalized individuals.

So here’s my pitch — let’s make time to visit the two new sites and make a purchase to support the vendors. It’s also a good opportunity to get to know your fellow Vancouverites who live in this part of the city.

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