Press release: COPE calls for real public input into a new transportation plan

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Plebiscite process a mockery of democracy  

Now that the people of Metro Vancouver have rejected the transportation plebiscite, the Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE) calls on the Mayors’ Council to go back to the people and involve them in a real public input process to develop an entirely new transportation plan.

“This transit plebiscite was mishandled from the very beginning,” says COPE co-chair, Tim Louis. “Normally, when capital plans are put before the electorate for approval, voters can vote for or against individual pieces of the plan. That was not the case here.

“On top of that, Mayor Gregor Roberston’s insistence on an underground Skytrain along the Broadway corridor was the anchor dragged the ship to the bottom.

“For people in Vancouver who, for good reason, opposed the Broadway proposal, this created a real dilemma.”

COPE campaigned in the last election against the underground Broadway LRT line. Instead, COPE proposed more rapid bus lines along 4th Ave, 12th Ave, King Edward, 41st, 49th, and Marine Drive.

COPE has previously deplored the plebiscite process as a mockery of democracy that was doomed to fail without providing any useful information about public opinion because of its combining many components, and a regressive funding mechanism, all into a single “Yes” or “No” question.

“Our ultimate goal for transit should be complete accessibility. We campaigned on adopting a municipal version of the UPass for Vancouver” says COPE co-chair Connie Hubbs. “Fare free transit is necessary for an open and accessible city for all and to curb our present dependence on the car, with the disastrous consequences for the environment that follow from it.” 

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