Sunshine and Solidarity


November 15th will be a full day of sunny skies and suspense. As we head out to vote, it is a good time to enjoy the crunch of autumn leaves, smile at neighbours, and reflect on what kind of Vancouver we want to live in.

You can find information on voting locations, candidates, and more on the City of Vancouver 2014 election page. Remember that even if you are not registered to vote and don’t have picture ID, you can still vote using other things (e.g. a Vancouver library card, a utility bill, etc.). The list of accepted identification documents is here.

Tomorrow, I hope you’ll vote for me, Tim LouisMeena Wong; and the whole COPE team. (To help get the vote out during the day, drop by COPE campaign headquarters, 1965 Main Street. The COPE Victory Party will be happening there later, as results start rolling in. Thank you to everyone for all your kind words, hard work, and support during this campaign.)

The day after tomorrow, we’ll still be living together in this incredible city, no matter who we voted for. We are all neighbours. We all have Vancouver in common. I look forward to seeing you, and to continuing this dialogue we call Home.


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One Response to Sunshine and Solidarity

  1. P. H. Finch says:

    Well, we may lay down and bleed awhile, but though our work will be an uphill climb over the next four years, we need to promise ourselves that we will make it as hard or harder for our opposition.

    Thanks to all those who stood as candidates: every one did a great job of raising the profile of COPE in the public eye.

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