Not So HandyDART

A vote for COPE is a vote for more buses and lower fares for everyone.

To make transit more accessible, COPE will implement an identifying card or sticker for riders with disabilities to display when using transit. COPE will also advocate to expand HandyDART service, and make HandyDART a direct subsidiary of Translink rather than contracting it out to for-profit operators. COPE will work to reduce transit fares toward phasing out fares entirely within 10 to 15 years to create a universal and accessible public transit system.

COPE is committed to building a Vancouver for everyone, and a sustainable future.

On November 15th, vote for a Vancouver you can afford.

Vote for Meena Wong for Mayor, Tim Louis for City Council and VOTE COPE!

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  1. Iliada Lew says:

    Nice videos. Sad about HandyDart, I din’t knew it was Tim’s project . Good Luck !
    Iliada Lew

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