A Vancouver You Can Afford

The campaign donation lists are in. But the news is not always news.

For their 2014 campaign, Vision Vancouver has raised $2.25 million dollars, and it’s no surprise that the development industry is Vision’s biggest donor by far. (The $2.2m does not include the $25,000 plates at a private fundraiser hosted in March by ‘condo king’ Bob Rennie, which would have raised up to $1.25 million.) The NPA has raised $2.1 million.

COPE has raised $60,000 in campaign donations, and there are excellent reasons for this modest sum. COPE does not accept donations from developers, renovictors, union-busters or conservative think tanks. Our full list of donors is here.

We are committed to rebuilding an affordable city, and ending the housing crisis.

On November 15th, vote for a Vancouver you can afford.

Vote for Meena Wong for Mayor, Tim Louis for City Council and VOTE COPE!

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3 Responses to A Vancouver You Can Afford

  1. Marjorie Schurman says:

    CONGRATULATIONS, TIM & your campaign team! We really enjoyed ourselves at the dinner Monday….. and these 2 videos of yours are GREAT!!! Am sharing on my FB

  2. Connie Fogal says:

    Connie here. Just wondering if there is a start date for showing the donations. I gave total of $500.00 to COPE over the past year. I gave some at the last party at your house. Was that already as long ago as 2013 .

    I do not understand the point about expropriating the Arbutus corridor. What is the thinking in that? You will not be able to roll back all the development there. Is it to control the development to keep more green and liveable ?

  3. Debora De Napoli says:

    Wonderful and very educational videos. Thank you for sharing and for doing all that you do. It makes a huge difference.
    You have my vote.

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