Vancouver Food Policy Council Municipal Town Hall Meeting

I appeared at the Vancouver Food Policy Council’s Town Hall meeting on Oct. 15th at the Roundhouse.

I have been a food security + justice activist for a long time. When I was last on City Council (2002-2005), I spearheaded the VFPC’s creation, as I strongly believe that we need to work together to stay on top of these issues.

Tim Louis at the VFPC Town Hall Meeting

Tim Louis at the VFPC Town Hall Meeting (photo courtesy of VPFC)


Thanks to all the folks who made this event happen. It was an honour to participate in the great work the VFPC continue’s to do, and I’m really glad to see them bring prominence to these important issues during the election.

In advance of the event, the Vancouver Food Policy Council also circulated a questionnaire to candidates; you can read our responses below.

Tim Louis’ responses to VFPC Questionnaire (pdf)

All candidates’ responses to VFPC Questionnaire


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