Heading to 12th and Cambie Together!

Hello friends, I’m so excited to be part of the best COPE team I’ve ever been part of!

Sunday, September 7th, COPE nominated the strongest, most diverse group of candidates in its history. Thank you so much for helping put me on the team. Without your help, it would never have happened. Here are the top vote results for Council:

  • Tim Louis 179 votes
  • Sid Chow Tan 178
  • Audrey Siegel 165
  • Gayle Gavin 142
  • Lisa Barrett 137
  • Keith Higgins 124
  • Jennifer O’Keeffe 104
  • (Wilson Munoz and John Yano have tied; results TBA)

Now the heavy lifting begins. Here are three simple ways you can really help right now:

Thanks everyone. We’re heading to 12th and Cambie together!!


Tim Louis, COPE Candidate for Vancouver City Council

Sid, Penny and TIm

Sid, Penny and TIm

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