Please support Audrey Siegl’s AWALASKENIS II Journey of Truth & Unity Caravan to Ottawa!

Hello friends. Please consider sending a donation and positive thoughts to Audrey Siegl as she prepares for her important journey. She’s asked me to share her statement and contact info below, and I am asking you to do the same. Thank you.

I am rejoining my AWALASKENIS II Journey of Truth & Unity Caravan to Ottawa this Friday, July 25th.  Hereditary Chief Beau Dick will be performing another Copper cutting ceremony. This time on the steps of parliament on Sunday, Jul 27, 2014, to bring attention to Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the impact of Farm Fishing, pipelines & fracking in BC and all of canada.  The resources of this land called Canada have been brutally stripped from the earth.  Our women, our life givers, our nurturers & one if our most valuable resources, have been treated in an unforgivably atrocious way for 500+ years.  Most recently, the Pickton Farm, Highway of Tears, Murdered & Missing Women have stripped our women of their sense of dignity, value and self-respect.  My family has been irrevocably impacted by the Residential School Systems.  My grandparents, mother, Auntie & 5 uncles were all forcibly removed from their homes and taken to Residential Schools.  My mother was only 4 when they took her. They kept her for 12 years.  The long reaching intergenerational effects have yet to be healed…they have yet to even be truthfully acknowledged.  My mother is a strong, feisty, beautiful woman who has survived the unimaginable horrors of IRS. I am on this Caravan to use my voice to restore the dignity, value & respect to all First Nations women, including myself.  I have felt worthless & invisible my whole life.  I am not alone in feeling that way. I will be cutting one of my family’s most valued possessions. A weaving my Auntie made in the 80’s when the women in our community were reclaiming & reviving our ancestral weaving practices.   I will cut that weaving to show the disgrace Harper & Canada  has treated our women with.  In several years, I will gather those who hold the pieces of the weaving and we will sew it back together. It will always be obvious where it was broken, but it will also be obvious where it was mended. I am on this journey to find healing for my Maman, so she can feel peace in this lifetime.

This journey of Truth & Unity is appropriately named.  I will speak the truth of my ancestors and family history.  We are uniting across this country and with in our own communities.

I am fundraising for a plane ticket for my Maman to join me in Ottawa. She has various health issues, so she’s doing her best to be ready to fly.  I am also fundraising to finish paying for my ticket & my food on the caravan back to Vancouver from Ottawa.
I can be reached at or on Facebook ‘Audrey Siegl’

I appreciate and humbly accept all support. Energy, good words, love & light.

hay čxʷ q̓ə!
Audrey Siegl

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