Letter of the Week: Vision Vancouver shows little respect for citizens

My letter to the editor got selected as the Letter of the Week in the March 16 2014 edition of the Vancouver Province. It was also published in March 17th’s Vancouver Sun.

Let’s keep the pressure on Vision Vancouver until Election Day, when hopefully we’ll say goodbye to them!

Letter of the Week: Vision Vancouver shows little respect for citizens

You can’t stand in the way of progress and the redevelopment of Oakridge has been a long time coming. The City of Vancouver says it is conducting “true community consultation” for the project, but it seems very selective in who it hears from on how to proceed.

As far back as 2007, Oakridge’s neighbours approved a plan for 12-storey buildings and increased density. Now Mayor Gregor Robertson is entertaining 40-storey and double density growth numbers! Where did that come from?

Yes, the city has held a few open houses, email campaigns and a public information kiosk with easy access for Saturday shoppers. But when 110 residents took time off work or out of their busy day on Monday to come to council and have their voices heard, they were unceremoniously turned away. Robertson and his Vision council changed the hearing agenda by two days just before the people were to be heard. That is disrespectful and sends a clear message that council is not interested in what residents have to say about the planned development.

Contrast this with condo developer Bob Rennie’s cozy $25,000-a-plate fundraiser for Robertson. Fewer than 50 “prominent professionals” were invited, according to Rennie, to talk about the “plans ahead.” Politicians need to remember they were elected to serve the people, not big developers.

Tim Louis, Coalition of Progressive Electors

The original letter can be viewed on the Vancouver Province’s website here.

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