And in other (corruption) news…

Below is another Letter to the Editor I wrote in response to an article in the Vancouver Courier. Nothing surprises me any more!

Time for a clean up at City Hall

Re: “Citizen polling website contract awarded without tender” (Vancouver Courier, Jan. 2nd)

Hats off to your reporter Mr. Mackin for exposing Vision Vancouver’s awarding of a contract worth over $150,000 without tender. This is in spite of the fact that contracts more than $75,000 require a public tender, not the casual Christmas party conversation with Mayor Robertson referred to in the article.

This is just one more example of Vision Vancouver using the public’s money to pay their friends — ensuring return donations to Vision’s war chest at election time from those very same friends.

It’s time we replaced Vision Vancouver with an honest government at 12th and Cambie.

Tim Louis
COPE Internal Co-Chair

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