Vote COPE, For Responsible City Government

This year, Vancouver heads to the polls to choose the type of Vancouver they want to see going forward into the future.

At the Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE), we’ve been listening to Vancouverites from across our city, so we know that in the next term of City Council, the citizens of Vancouver want to see aggressive action on affordable housing, support for neighbourhoods, and a respectful dialogue with City Hall where our voices are not only heard, but where those voices influence the decision-making at City Hall that will shape our City for generations to come.

On the one hand, the electorate are given the choice of voting for COPE, a Vancouver civic party founded in 1968 that has long stood for social justice, with a longheld commitment to championing the issues of public transit and investment in affordable housing. On the other hand there’s the NPA, and their woeful record on shutting down public celebrations, and ignoring our responsibility to the environment.

In 2011, COPE offers an approach to city governance that will help to shape a city for all the citizens of Vancouver. This election, COPEhas spoken out on …

For 40+ years, COPE has advocated for ordinary working people and families, those on fixed income, renters and home-owners, small and sustainable business, and the neighbourhoods and communities that make up the cultural diversity that is Vancouver. While Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, it is also Canada’s ground-zero for homelessness and poverty. COPE has real solutions to the issues that impact you and people like you all over Vancouver everyday.

Without you, without your vote for the COPE team on Saturday, November 19th, we cannot achieve our goal of achieving a more sustainable, neighbourhood-oriented City committed to social justice, and the building of a Vancouver that reflects the values of working people across our city.

Today, we ask for your support on November 19th. COPE asks that you send a strong message to City Hall that you believe in building a Vancouver for Everyone.
Vote COPE in the 2011 Vancouver civic election

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