Tim Louis Seeks a Seat on City Council

I am seeking a seat on Vancouver City Council this November 19th, in order that true democratic representation for all the citizens of Vancouver will be returned to Vancouver City Hall. The citizens of Vancouver require an effective voice on Council, a voice that will speak boldly, directly and to the point, raise issues of community concern, and put forward practical solutions which reflect the needs of citizens.

My track record, both on City Council and as a lawyer, reflects an activism that has consistently proven successful in advancing the interests of those whose needs are not always considered and traditionally have not had access to the corridors of power.

For more than 40 years, the Coalition of Progressive Electors (COPE) has remained committed to an open and accessible Vancouver City Council that has understood, always, that we work for all the citizens of Vancouver – not just the developers, or corporate interests. In 2011, City Hall must once again become a place where citizen input can make a difference in the setting of policy at City Hall.


The views and needs of citizens must be taken into account, must be listened to, acted upon and the ideas that are put forward by citizens implemented.

The order of business at hand. Elect three COPE City Council candidates to Vancouver City Council — Ellen Woodsworth, RJ Aquino and myself. Together, we will make a dynamic team committed to serving the interests of all Vancouver citizens.

As an elected Vancouver City Councilor, I will work toward …

  • Better public transit
  • Neighbourhood control over neighbourhood development
  • No further gambling expansion
  • Accountability to Vancouver citizens
  • Freedom of expression in public places

Today, I am calling on YOU to come forward to support my election to Vancouver City Council, in order that together we might work to build a City we can all be proud of, a City that is committed to a equity and fairness for all the citizens of Vancouver.

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