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Diminished by a mega-mall

Tsawwassen Mills shopping mall had its official opening Wednesday, October 5. This is a shopping centre of truly gigantic proportions situated on Tsawwassen First Nation land in Delta near the ferry terminal. Described by some as “alarmingly big”, this mega-mall … Continue reading

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Growing quality, not quantity

With the Globe 2016 conference happening in Vancouver, politicians and leaders from some of the world’s biggest businesses are coming together to try and address “sustainable business” — in other words, how to continue to grow their businesses and the … Continue reading

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Time to “tap out” TransLink’s senior managers

Most folks are surprised when I tell them that TransLink spends 10 cents of every farebox dollar on the process of actually collecting that dollar. Economists refer to this as the “friction cost.” By comparison, the collection of income tax … Continue reading

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Liberal premiers of two different stripes

Christy Clark and Kathleen Wynne. Two Liberal premiers. Two very different approaches to global warming. In British Columbia, forest fire season is upon us a month ahead of schedule and worse than ever recorded. Thirty new wildfires are expected every … Continue reading

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Crimes in the Making – Vancouver’s Affordable Housing Crisis

In a world drowning in wealth; in the richest era ever in the history of humankind; in one of the richest nations on the face of the planet and one of the richest cities in that nation, it’s a crime … Continue reading

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Support Transit — But the Dice are Loaded

Metro Vancouver Mayor’s Council has determined the referendum question for raising funds for improved transit. The vote will come this spring, and basically it goes like this: Do you support a 0.5 per cent increase in the provincial sales tax … Continue reading

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